Sharing stories connects us. Memories are life lessons.

The lake story

It was summer. I was very young and very excited to go swimming. We were going to the lake. Weekends were always busy, everyone was there so it was hard finding a place close to the water with some shade. All the good spots were taken if you got there too late.

My mom settled for a grassy patch up on the hilly side of the lake. It had a nice view but it was not close to the water.

I had to use an inflatable swimming ring . It was pink with green dots. I ran down to the water but by the time I got there the ring felt soft, like it was loosing air, so I ran back to my mom.

It had a hole in it, she tried to fix it with some tape, or a band-aid I don’t remember. I was so excited to play in the water like the other kids.

I ran back and forth so many times because the fix was not working and my ring would be half deflated by the time I got to the water. I don’t even remember if I got in at all.

What I do remember is a little girl who was determined to have a good time no matter what and smiled all the way down, every time, hoping for the best each time.

Life is simple. Keep going!