Whenever you find yourself stressed out, panicking or just anxious, remember to check your breathing.

Your chest feels tight and your breathing is shallow. It feels like you are holding your breath and only taking little gulps of air. Then other parts of your body start to feel tight . SIGH! Our minds, our frenemies!

All you need is a few minutes with your breathing to gain back control, clear your head so you can act from a calm place.

I like to keep things simple. I inhale deeply for four seconds and on exhale I say to myself : You can do this! I keep my mind focused on counting to four on inhale and exhaling with my power thought YOU CAN DO THIS! I do it for as long as I need , maybe five minutes sometimes more, until my breathing feels normal.

Modern lifestyles require discipline to relax, to get out of your head, to experience real life, something other than your own thoughts.

We are visual creatures. Spend some time away from your thoughts: