See you next year!

Happy Thursday 😁


    1. Hi Ellie! We are great, thank you for asking. I’ve been a little busy but now I have a few days off so I am looking forward doing a lot of nothing. How are you? I’ve been reading your blogs and I know you have been struggling with a few things. I know you are nervous about meeting your new counselor. Maybe a little change in perspective can help you feel more at ease with the new person. Just think of it as a new adventure, a new companion, a chance for you to tell your story again, but this time with a stronger voice because the work you’ve done so far with your last counselor was not in vain, or lost. You are stronger than before and you need to keep going. I have a lot of admiration for you and your amazing strength. We’re here if you need a virtual hug 🙂 The weather is finally better so I am planning on spending a lot of time out there with my camera, who knows what I might see? Take care Ellie!!

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      1. Hi, J. I’m glad you are well and that you had a good Christmas. I guessed you’ve been busy with your new job and Christmas etc. How’s the job going now? I’m glad the weather is better. We had a fair bit of snow and a lot of black ice a couple of weeks ago. The footpaths were treacherous. I had to go out one of those days as I had something important to do, but I didn’t think Alfie (my wheelchair) would make it up the hill to my house!) We just about managed it.

        My last session with my current counsellor is on Wednesday, but I haven’t been assigned another person yet. I’m on a waiting list, but they’ve said it’s likely to be months rather than weeks, so I don’t know how I will cope yet. Thank you for your good ideas for when I do finally get someone new. Not sure how I’m going to deal with it all at the moment.

        If you get time, I’m looking forward to seeing some new photos, although it’s perfectly understandable if you can’t, as I know you’re very busy with work and home life. Take care, too. Xx 🌷💕

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      2. Hi, J. Thank you so much for finding this for me. It looks really helpful and I will take a better look when my son leaves to go home. He stayed last night (not with the children) as he went out for a meal with his mates for his birthday, which was on the 29th of December. Thanks again, J. I’m really looking forward to reading more of that guide. Xx 🌻💛🌼


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