Blue skies and sunny. Colder but not too bad and tomorrow is Friday. I like it 😁


  1. I’m glad it was a lovely day where you are, J. That blue sky makes it look like the middle of summer. I expect you’ll be pleased when tomorrow comes – one step nearer to your weekend off. It’s been mild over here, but it’s been bucketing down with rain all afternoon. I got absolutely drenched on my way back from town, so came home and changed into my cosy pyjamas. Well, it’s only a few hours until bedtime and no one is going to see me. I’ve had to hang all my wet clothes up to dry. They were all soaked through – lovely 🙄. Xx 💖

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    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear you got soaked 😦 I hope you are warm and cozy right now. Was it a surprise rain? We had some rain a few days ago and now all sunny but cooler. I have some sweaters I was eager to wear so it worked out 🙂 I sure am glad tomorrow is Friday!! No plans just love being outside a lot 🙂

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  2. Thanks, J. We knew it was going to rain this morning, but when I left home it had stopped. By the time I got halfway into town, that’s when it absolutely poured ☔💧! My friends all got pretty wet, but I got drenched because I can’t hold an umbrella up at the same time as driving Alfie. I’ve got used to getting soaked over the years, especially in the winter months, although we’re only in Autumn at the moment. They’ll be plenty more opportunities to get soaked again during the winter! Roll on Spring. Xx 💐💕


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