Black cat.

Natural Halloween decoration? Happy Wednesday 😁


  1. What spooky eyes! Is that the way the light caught your cat’s eyes or is it your clever photography? How are you, J? I haven’t heard back from you for a few days. I do hope you’re okay and not finding your new job too much of a strain. Please, let me know as I’m concerned about you. Thanks. Love Ellie Xx 🥰💗

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    1. Hi Ellie, How are you? I am sorry for not responding sooner, I am doing ok, just a little tired. Between my job and some extra activities( I am in 2 writers groups for creating characters/stories) I am not sure where the time goes sometimes. I took the picture the other day and the reflection is just natural, cats have interesting eyes, don’t they? How is Peanut? Take care!

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      1. That’s okay, J, so long as you’re okay and there’s nothing majorly wrong. You do sound like you’re very busy. It’s great that you’re doing lots of writing activities, too. Fiction isn’t my strong point, as you know, so I’d admire you for being able to write stories and think up characters. It’s quite a skill. I had to write a piece of fiction for my homework from my writing class last week. I thought I was doing quite well until I got near the end and realised that I hadn’t thought of an ending in advance. My mind was just empty, so I never got it finished! It’s my last class of this term tomorrow. I’ll miss having the opportunity to work on a writing project every week, but I have plenty of thoughts to write about with my blog. Having said that, I do share some very personal stuff on my blog, which I wouldn’t do in that group.

        Peanut is well, thank you; full of mischief as always. I’m just grateful that she’s only brought in one butterfly this week, no mice or birds or slow worms, thankfully. I did feel sorry for the butterfly, though. I love that Peanut wakes me up in the mornings now she’s allowed free run of the house at night. I think I might just never get up if it wasn’t for her demanding I get up to give her food! Take care, too. Xx 🥰

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