Fall again.

Sweaters, socks and hot tea. Happy Tuesday 😄


  1. What gorgeous Autumn (Fall) colours. The big trees at the back of my garden are a mixture of really quite summer-green leaves and the crisp copper leaves of Autumn, too. The trees very rarely have such a mix of colours in them. Over here, it’s definitely warm jumpers and thick socks weather. Having said that, the sun is out today, and that takes the chill out of the air a bit. How are you, J? Hope you’re okay. I’m beginning to pick up a bit now, which is a relief for me, and probably for my readers, also. Everyone has been so supportive of my difficult and painful period. I’m glad to be on the up now. Xx 🌷💛

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    1. I hope you are staying warm. We got some colder days recently but it will warm up again soon. I am glad to hear you are doing better, I like cheer Ellie 🙂 Not much in color changing leaves for me, my banana palm trees usually yellow and dry out and the other tree drops almost every leaf and acorns…fun!

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