It’s raining yellow flowers. It’s pretty and messy ☺️ Happy Friday!


  1. Hi, J. That’s a lot of yellow flowers on the ground. Have they dropped because they’re past their best, or did it actually rain, knocking the flowers off? What’s your weather like there now? Is it Spring? You must be pleased that the weekend is nearly here. Hopefully, you’ll get some chillout time. I hope you are well. I’m so, so, but have got a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. Xx 🥰

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    1. Hi Ellie, I apologize for the late response, busy week. The yellow flowers had their fun now it’s time to move on so they fall. I actually saw a few bees on the ground working on some flowers? I was afraid my dog might step on them, but nothing happened 😊 Now the tree will display pretty pink pods with seeds inside. The pods gradually dry out and if birds don’t eat them, they fall to the ground and sprout 🌱. Amazing 🤩 I hope your appointment went well. 💐🤩

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