October full moon.

Bathing in the moonlight 🌙


    1. Hi Ellie, how are you? I am good, been busy with work and some other activities. How’s the weather? Is the gardening club still going or is it done for the year? Take care.

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      1. Hi, J. I’m okay, thanks. Been busy today, picking litter up with a group of friends who are as passionate as I am about the environment and the planet. We’re trying to make a difference in the community by making the planet a nicer place to be in – even if it is only one piece of litter less a time. We got some good responses from the public (we don’t always). It was about two miles away from where I live and I only just got home in Alfie on amber lights (not green 😬!!). I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it home. Scary. It was a lovely day – sunny, but a bit chilly, although we didn’t really notice it being so busy. The garden project goes on for most of the year, but I couldn’t go today because the council hadn’t cut the path in the grass for wheelchair access, which meant I couldn’t go. Not sure if it’ll be done for next week, either. You know what councils are like! Still, I had a good day anyway. How is you job going? Xx 😘

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      2. Earth Warriors, very nice. Thank you for cleaning up your little corner, if only others would do the same… My day is ok, is busy but my coworkers are nice and we work good as a team, so it’s not too bad. I sit at a desk a lot so my butt hurts sometimes, that’s when I know it is time to stretch 🙂

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