It’s October, officially fall. The season of color changing foliage, pumpkins and sweaters. Not if you live in Florida, not yet. The temperatures are still warm so we get a second Spring? Lots of trees blooming again before they go dormant for the winter. So is it Spring or Fall ? Or Fring? Or Sall? A mix of the 2 for sure. Hope you are having a good day, whatever you do!

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  1. It must be lovely having two spring-like seasons, J. I don’t think we’ve ever experienced anything like that over here. Not surprising, really, given that we are almost on opposite sides of the planet. I love the autumn colours we have, though. It’s getting colder here, although it’s officially still autumn and not winter until next month. We don’t often have snow in the winter these days, and that’s because of climate change. I can’t actually remember when it was that we actually had any snow, certainly not last year. Roll on spring again. How are you doing, J? I had another tough day yesterday as someone was very unkind to me. However, I’m feeling a little better this morning. Let’s hope it lasts. Xx 😊💕


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