Are we there yet?

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    1. Hi Ellie, how are you? Yes I am definitely talking about the weekend. I miss the company of my tree friends. Part of my job is working with people on the phone and I don’t like it much, it can drain your soul 😂

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      1. Hi, J. Thank you for asking. My day went okay, and I was fairly busy, which helped keep my mind occupied. This evening, I don’t feel so great. It’s been a difficult and emotionally draining end to the day, and I’m up far too late. I really ought to be in bed, but still trying to unwind. Even Peanut has given up on me and has gone to sleep in her favourite box, which has a heat-reflecting cushion/mat in it. It keeps her warm in winter, although she often comes up with me and sits on my chest or feet!

        I’m sorry you’re finding your job a bit difficult and not liking it as much as you thought you would. That’s really sad. I hope it gets better for you as time goes on. Take care of yourself. Xx ðŸĶĒðŸ˜ŧ💕

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      2. Thank you Ellie. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. Sometimes the only thing we can do is distract ourselves with a cheesey movie and have a laugh. Take care 😘

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