Looks like it found the perfect spot for a nap. Have a great day, find your spot ☺️


  1. It looks like it’s very comfortable sitting there. What’s the plant, tree or shrub it’s sitting on? I can see it has thorns, but I don’t recognise the leaves.

    Have you managed to have some time for yourself, away from work, today, J? I do hope so. I went into town today and wandered around the vegan fair. There were all sorts of delights there – lots of savoury and sweet foods, toiletries, pottery, salads, etc. I got myself a lentil chilli with nachos and soured vegan cream and chive dip. It was yummy, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Xx 🦢🌷💛

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    1. Hi Ellie,
      The vegan fair sounds amazing!! I love fairs. Work has been good. I work from home so no commute. I met coworkers and they are all lovely people. I am still adjusting but everyone has been very accommodating.
      The shrub you see in the picture is a lemon tree, more specifically a ponderosa lemon tree. It makes huge lemons the size of grapefruit. One lemon can make a big pitcher of lemonade ☺️. We’ve had some rain and a little bit of cooler weather so I did some gardening. So many plans are blooming right now, like the bird of paradise hibiscus, some orchids and my trumpet tree. Lovely to be out there. I am enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch right now then I’ll make some salmon with rice and veggies for dinner then probably a movie. I hope you have a great day tomorrow 😌.

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