What is life? I thing it is the right mix of emotions and experiences. Too much of anything and the balance is off. I hope you have the right mix kind of day ! Happy Wednesday!


  1. I like this, J. I love how you’ve got all the different emotions in one image. Not sure which one I am today – a bit muddled and a bit overwhelmed from my counselling this afternoon. I had a hospital appointment this morning, which went okay, so that was good. Perhaps, in the morning, things will seem a bit brighter for me.

    How was your second day at work today? I hope it went well for you. Xx ðŸĶĒðŸŒđ💛

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    1. Hi Ellie,

      I am glad to hear your hospital appointment went ok. Counseling can be draining, but hopefully it has great benefits in the end. I am a mix of a few emotions today, but it is all good. Work is still slow but it looks like it might get busy soon, I have 2 meetings scheduled for tomorrow. I am excited . Hope you have a nice quiet evening 🙂

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