You never get bored outdoors. There’s always something going on 😁 Florida native green lizard, curious and non threatening.


  1. I like how you captured the silhouette of this lizard, J. I love its bright green eye(s), too. Funnily enough, my art project challenge today was to draw a type of lizard in black ink. I chose a gecko. I quite enjoyed that task. My daughter, Clare and her family have got a gecko called Lucy. She’s about 12 years old now. I think lizards live many more years than that. How’s your day been today? Mine’s been relatively okay, although I’ve been feeling a bit low this evening. Still, it’s another day tomorrow. Xx ðŸĶĒ💝🕊

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      1. Hi, J. I’d be happy to send you my picture. I just don’t know how I can do that in the comments. Do you have any idea? I tried to copy and paste it here, but it didn’t work. I could email it to you, but I don’t have a contact address for you. Xx ðŸĶĒ


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