Little moments.

Enjoying a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast. Simple and satisfying luxuries. Have a great day.


  1. As I often do, I’m trying to work out what flower that is. It looks a bit like the geraniums my Mum used to grow in pots in her garden. I could be entirely wrong, of course; I’m not very well up on plant identification. I love the way the light looks like it’s burning a hole through the leaves. Clever photo, J. How are you today? Hope it’s been a good day for you. I’m still feeling sad after the loss of our Queen. As my post read, I’m not a staunch royalist, but I had an awful lot of respect for the Queen as she was working and giving her all to the nation right up until the end. She was also a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and will be greatly missed by everyone. I think King Charles III will make a good and responsible king. The end of one era; the beginning of another. Love to you, J … Ellie xx ðŸĶĒ😘💖

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    1. Hi Ellie,
      You are right again, it is a geranium. They are beautiful and so colorful. I was just admiring my surroundings when I saw this perfect angled shot I had to take. I am sure things can be a little scary now with the Queen passing. I hope she had a good life, that’s all you can ask for. I do not know much about Truss, is she not a good person? I am doing OK, busy day trying to finish a few projects around the house before I start my new job on Monday. I am excited, it is for a great company for Early Education helping kids to read. We need to replace an old fence in our yard, rotten wood, imagine that in Florida ..ha..ha.. but I had to get someone to clean up some weeds and overgrown bushes and such. I am afraid of snakes and spiders and we have plenty here so No thank you, I hired experts. It seems there’s always something to do. How are you? Do you still have company? Take care 🙂

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      1. Hello, J. Sorry I’m only just getting back to you on this post. I’ve been so busy and have been out again today, and I still have so much to do. I’m trying to combine my blogging with my art project, which I can’t keep up with, and now that I’ve started my writing course, I have to do a lot of work for that, too. There just aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week. My son and the children left yesterday. Tom bought us a takeaway for dinner, but I got left with the washing up! I hate washing up and don’t have room for a dishwasher, which is a pity.

        Your job sounds perfect. It’ll be lovely working with young children and helping them to learn to read – such an important job. I’m sure you’ll get on excellently, and I hope you have many happy years there. Did you finish the projects at home that you were working on?

        If we had big spiders and snakes over here, I would get someone to do the garden clearing, too. Perfectly understandable. I hope you get your rotten fence replaced soon, but I know how expensive that can be. Take care of yourself and make sure you still get some chill out time once you’ve started your job. Xx ðŸĶĒðŸĪ—🌷

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      2. I hope I get to read some amazing stories you write, I always enjoy your writing. Projects are almost done, can’t wait but in the meanwhile I will allow myself to do nothing today 🙂 I love orchids and have a small collection. I always buy an orchid to celebrate an important moment in my life so naturally I bought one today to celebrate my new job. It is beautiful. Bright pink with huge cascading flowers and a nice scent. I also name all my plants and I decided to call her Nadya 🙂 She is sitting on my desk , I smile every time I see it. I will share pictures soon of course. Have a great day Ellie!!

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