Some days it feels like you’re an ice cube left outside in the sun. It’s only a matter of time before you’re gone. Quick enjoy everything 😉 Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love this image, J. Is it one of yours? I think I know how the ice cube feels. Not enough hours in the day and they’re disappearing before my very eyes! At least, I’ve now got the afternoon to myself, so as well as catching up on blog reading, I might even get my birthday celebrations post written … or not! How are you today? ðŸĶĒðŸĨģ💖 Xx

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    1. Hi Ellie! Yes the image is mine, some silly digital painting that resulted from trying different brushes. I am glad to hear you finally have some time for yourself. I would love to read about the Birthday celebration, but I can wait patiently until you get a chance to write about it. My day is not too bad, quiet so far. I hope to hear back from my prospective job 🙂 but in the meanwhile I am taking advantage of my free time and taking care of some projects around the house. How’s the weather?

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      1. I like the way that digital image has come out. I’m glad your day is going reasonably well, and I do hope you hear from the prospective job positively and soon. Chores aren’t one of my favourite pastimes but they do have to be done, I suppose. The house always looks better after having received some TLC. I was meant to go to a garden project this afternoon. It’s something I participate in every Tuesday afternoon. However, this morning’s forecast was for rain, so I had to cancel as my wheelchair’s wheels would have got stuck in the muddy ground, partly because it rained a fair bit yesterday, too. As it happens, it hasn’t rained and the sun is shining, so I could have gone after all. Never mind, it’s given me a bit of time to myself. Goodness knows when I’ll have time to write my post! Xx ðŸĶĒ😘🕊

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