Happy Friday

May your day be filled with smiles.😄


  1. Hope you’ve had a happy Friday, too, J. How did you get that shot of colour on the fence posts? It’s very clever. How has your day been? I still feel a bit fragile after writing my heart out yesterday. I expect the pain will ease in a day or so. I’ve been resting today, which has helped a bit. I went upstairs for a short sleep with Peanut earlier this afternoon. I loved how she just laid there with me, just curled up next to me, sleeping. Cats are so intuitive, aren’t they? I expect dogs are, too. Xx ðŸĶĒ💝ðŸĪ—

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    1. Hi Ellie! I’m glad to hear you’re relaxing today, great day for it. My day has been nice , I had one great interview and have more next week. The weather is nice and I am about to have some coffee on the porch waiting for the rain. Clouds come and go, some thunder then nothing. The fence is old and has some discoloration that got accentuated when I tweaked the colors 😁 Hope you have a nice relaxing evening. 😍

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