Dinner time?

Sir Birdbeak loves all the food venues on the coast, he just doesn’t always remember where they are?


  1. Hi, J. WP is doing some odd things with my comments lately. I’m finding that, often, when I leave comments on people’s blogs, they disappear altogether or show as being from ‘Anonymous’. I did leave a comment on this post, but it seems to have disappeared again. I’ve contacted the WP ‘Happiness’ peeps (yesterday morning) but have yet to hear back from them. I will chase them up today.

    In the meantime, I’d said something like … how funny this bird looked in his top hat and sunglasses. It makes him look very posh indeed. What type of bird is he? Over here, particularly near the coast (and sometimes inland, too), we get seagulls who are known for swooping down to get food right out of your hand. So many people hate seagulls and call them scavengers, but I love them – they are beautiful birds.

    Hope you are well today. Have you got anything planned? I’ve got a busy day today; I have to go out for most of the day, so I will only be back for a short time this afternoon, and then I’m out again this evening (I rarely go out in the evening). I’ll be shattered by bedtime! In case I appear anonymous again, I’m Ellie. You could probably guess that anyway. X ðŸĶĒ🌞ðŸĪ

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