Tiny world.

Photography plus emojis equal…. something else? This is fun. I used a photo I took and some emoji to create this. Is it silly?

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  1. Morning, J. Or at least, it’s morning here. It’s difficult to remember all my blogging friends’ timezones, so I’ve forgotten whether you’re ahead or behind me. How are you so far today? I’m okay, although I overslept, so I’m running late with everything! Peanut usually wakes me up early but didn’t this morning and stayed put on the end of my bed, sitting on my feet!

    This is an interesting take on your photo. I think I can see grass in the background, and I think the lower half of the photo is soil as the trees are ‘growing’ out of it. Or is it muddy water? But then, the blue at the bottom looks like blue sky and clouds, so it seems like the little man is walking on the clouds. X 🌞🌹💛

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