Purple for me means confidence and also grape popsicles. Let’s do this! Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday, J. I like the colour purple, too, although my favourite colour is blue (and perhaps, yellow when I’m in the right mood). I’ve always thought of purple as representing courage, so maybe, you’re very brave, also? I suppose the words brave and confidence can be linked, really. Are your popsicles what we call ice lollies or ice pops (probably the latter)?

    How are you today, J? Have you done or going to do anything nice? X 🌞

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    1. Hi Ellie! Yes popsicles are ice pops 😋. Great when it’s hot outside. I’m doing well, still drinking my coffee outside with my dogs, birds and pretty flowers. It’s getting a little hot and the breeze left so probably heading inside soon. How’s your day going?

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      1. Hi, J. I’m good, thanks. Just super-busy but then that’s nothing new. Trying to catch up on reading blogs as usual. I think I follow too many people as I have a job to keep up! It’s hot here again, although ‘only’ 29C. Unlike you, we’ve got no breeze which would be very welcome. We’re expecting some much-needed rain this week as it’s been bone dry for months and we’ve had so many fires – some quite close to me, too. I’ve been lucky not to have been affected, thankfully. Take care x 🌷

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