Sunny Sunday

Thank you rain, come back next week. The morning breeze after a nice storm is amazing.


  1. Wonderful to have rain after all the heat. We desperately need rain as it’s been the worse drought since the 1970s! Everything is tinder dry, and the plants and shrubs are dying. I know the grass will grow again; it’s fantastic stuff – so resilient. It’s been 33C here today – phew! It’s meant to be a little cooler for the remainder of the week. I hope they’re right. They’re saying it’ll be between 23 – 27C, which would typically be very hot, but it’ll be pretty welcome compared to recently. How are you today, J? I’m good – had a lovely friend over for lunch today. We chatted all afternoon. X 🌞🌹🌼

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    1. Hi Ellie. I am good, thanks for asking. I am about to have some lunch then maybe watch some TV? Middle of the day is too hot in August. I hope some rain is heading your way. We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature πŸ™‚

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