Female Cardinal . She stayed for some seeds and water then off she went. Happy Saturday 😁


  1. Since I’ve been so many beautiful birds on your blog, I’ve got to say, I think, the cardinal is one of my favourites. The pinky/red colour is just stunning. My favourite birds over here are goldfinches, marsh tits, wrens, firecrests and goldcrests (the latter two being the smallest birds in the UK.) I wish I could include a photo in the comments boxes on WP but it won’t let me. The next best thing is to send a link for the smallest two birds. You can see and read about them here: . Hope the link works. Have a lovely evening, J. Ellie X 🌞

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    1. Hi Ellie! How are you? The Firecrests are beautiful. I have another one you have to see. I posted it a while back. It was a migratory bird that had black and orange 🙂 I’ll find it.

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      1. I’m fine, thanks, J. Been busy again today, trying to catch up with blogs. I’d love to see your migratory bird. It sounds beautiful. Thanks for looking for me. How are you doing today? X 🌞


      2. What an amazingly beautiful bird. I wonder where it comes from. Any idea what it’s called? Thanks for sharing the link with me. Glad you’re having a peaceful day. X 😊


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