We’re buzzing today .

Busy times, I almost feel bad for just sitting here. The whole tree is buzzing. Happy Thursday!


  1. I love this photo, J. It’s so good to see bees as they’re rapidly becoming fewer and fewer in number, partly because of climate change and also because of the pesticides that many farmers and gardeners still insist on using. The government did ban these harmful chemicals at one point, but I think they’ve gone back on that because of pressure from big companies, especially the makers of this toxic stuff! What type of shrub or tree is that? Your blog is so lovely to read, as I’ve said before. Even when I’m snowed under with posts to read and am feeling overwhelmed, your posts are just a joy to see. Thank you for your beautiful photos and captions. I love them. Ellie Xx 💖

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    1. Hi Ellie!! The tree is called ” Golden rain tree”? It flowers twice a year and bees love it so much. The whole tree is humming from the hundreds of bees. After the flowering process , the tree is left with these beautiful pods full of seeds that the birds love, so everyone benefits from it. The seeds then fall to the ground and new trees sprout very easy and grow really fast. The yellow flowers are beautiful to look at on any day, sunny or rainy. I am glad you enjoy my blog. I try to post everyday, I have thousands of photographs and like to keep things simple and hopefully fun 🙂 Hope you are having a nice day!

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      1. How lovely. What a fascinating tree. We don’t get them over here. Glad you’ve got loads of photos to enable you to keep writing and sharing. I’m okay, thanks, just very tired from absolutely no sleep last night. No idea why. I expect I’ll sleep like a baby tonight. X


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