Gliding thru the week like these weird airplanes 😁


  1. Wonderful photo! The red in the sky is gorgeous. What birds are they? I can only guess at ducks or geese as they’re the only large birds with that sort of shape that fly across the sky near where I live. X πŸ¦†πŸŒž

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      1. I am good, enjoying the time off and waiting to hear back from my last interview which went well. Spending time outside with my camera and my dogs, hoping to capture some amazing pictures but it is still so hot so we go in and out a lot. How’s Peanut?

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      2. I do hope you get the result from your interview soon. It’s awful waiting to see if you’ve got the job. I’m glad it went well, though. It’s fairly hot here today, also, although I daresay it’s not as hot as where you are. The whole climate change thing is truly terrifying, isn’t it? My next post, when I find the time to write it, is possibly going to be on that topic. It’s something I feel passionate about.

        Peanut is fine, thank you. She’s been a good girl lately. It’s lovely waking up in the morning with her sweet little face peering down at me 🐈🐾🌞

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