Ninja level 100. Natural acrobats, sometimes failing, never giving up. I am not going to try that, I just don’t think the fence can take it, I can definitely do it πŸ˜‚


    1. Cat sure are fun. He did not have to do that, lots of room to walk around so was he showing off? Playing? Who knows but it made me laugh. Hope your day is better than yesterday.

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      1. Thanks, J. Today was even hotter – 42C where I am. It’s stifling. Horrible. My bedroom was 30C all night last night and I couldn’t sleep. It’s meant to be a little bit cooler tomorrow. I really hope it is. We need a good downpour to clear the air but no rain is expected until late tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a thunderstorm! X


      2. I don’t like heat either, I don’t think anyone does. I get a headache and my appetite is gone. Not a good mix. I put water out for the birds and even the lizards come to have some. I hope you will get some cooler air and some rain.

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