I am glad I never taught him how to read, he’s more of a body language kind of guy.


    1. Hi Ellie, How are you? His name is Sam. He is an old boy we adopted some 9 years ago, I should say he is a good old boy because he is πŸ™‚ I hope you are having a good day.

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      1. Hi, J. Sam looks like he’s a good boy, although I wouldn’t have guessed he was as old as nine. How long do dogs usually live? As a cat owner, I’ve no idea. I’m very hot. It’s been 41C today and will be hotter still tomorrow. We’re not used to this in the UK. I’ve got a fan on, but all it’s doing is circulating hot air around the room. It’s pretty unbearable as very few people here have air-con either. Certainly not me. I’m dreading another day like this tomorrow. Luckily, I don’t have to go out until Wednesday, when I’m hoping it’ll be a few degrees cooler. X 🌞


      2. I saw the crazy heat wave going on over there. I can’t imagine being with the Air conditioning. Cool wet towel around your neck should help with cooling off some. I hope it gets better soon. Heat just takes all your energy away leaving you feeling like a deflated balloon. Stay hydrated ☺️.

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      3. Thanks, J. It’s pretty awful, I have to say. Thanks for the tip. However, I’m more worried about Peanut than I am about me. I can’t get her to drink her water and she’s just laying about not knowing where to put herself. Imagine having a fur coat on in this heat! I’ll let her come up to bed with me tonight so I can keep an eye on her. I doubt I’ll get much sleep, though, but Peanut will think Christmas has come early as she’s not usually allowed in my bedroom! I’m actually allergic to her, but if I use inhalers etc., I’m mostly okay. I couldn’t be without her. X 🌞🐾🌞


      4. Poor Peanut. I was reading about different ways to help our furry friends during heat wave. Wiping her with a damp cold water towel can help her cool off. Putting ice or ice packs in front of the fan can offer some temporary relief. I can’t imagine going thru a heatwave with fur all over.

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      5. Thanks very much for the tips, J. I’ll give those things a go. Roll on Wednesday when it’s ‘only’ going to be about 27C! We might even get a little rain, although they say it’ll only be a brief shower. It might cool things down for a while at least X


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