Sometimes you have to let go and move on. Change can be uncomfortable but it doesn’t have to be negative. Together we can do anything. The end is a new beginning!


  1. Honestly, J. Having missed a couple of days, my blogging email inbox is overflowing and I’m struggling to get through them all. When I see your posts come up, I sigh with relief as it’s always such a pleasant experience to read your blog. It’s so refreshing and I look forward to your name popping up in my inbox. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Keep writing, J. And you are quite right about change. It can be a difficult time, but it does depend on how you look at it. My counsellor has said to me, “when one door closes, another door opens.” It’s very true as you said in this post. The photo is spectacular, too. Is it one of yours? Xx 🌞💞


    1. Thank you Ellie, I am ready happy you are enjoying my pictures and my blog. That’s why I started it, I wanted a place to relax and enjoy something different. I love reading or looking at pictures from other parts of the world. Amazing 🤩

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