1. What a picturesque scene. Where is this, please, J? It reminds me of the river where I live in Essex, UK. Can I ask what the little blue light is on the right-hand side of the back of the bench, please? There’s a tiny reflection of it in the water, too. I’m one of these curious people who see detail in everything! Just interested. Thanks, J. Xx 🌞

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    1. Hi Ellie, how’s your day going? Well, you might be shocked to find out that the picture is actually from Stratford-upon-Avon!UK
      My brother lives there and sent me the pic the other day. I liked it so much I asked him if I can share on my blog. I put the subtle” To be or not to be” as a reference to Shakespeare. He takes his little one for walks around the area and it is so beautiful and serene. The light is a reflection from the sun. I hope to visit one day. I am glad you liked it.

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      1. What a small world! I’ve been to Stratford-upon-Avon but it was decades ago and perhaps, a lot has changed there now. It was (and hopefully, still is) a beautiful place. I like the reference to Shakespeare – very apt. It would be lovely if you came over. Does your brother visit you much?

        My day is still manic. I’ve got so many emails in my inbox, I don’t know where to start. Other than that, I’m fine, thank you. Alfie has returned complete with a set of new tyres after my escapade! Xx 🌞

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